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Biggest Texas Cases of 2019

Texas courts in 2019 sent an appellate justice to prison, issued a seminal ruling on attorney fees and how to prove them, and gave clarity to mineral rights holders on their responsibilities. Read more at

Former Chief Justice Joins Fight for Ex-Death Row Texas Man

In litigation with high-ranking Texas officials on one side, and a former death-row inmate on the other, a man who’s seeking state compensation for his wrongful conviction might have scored a slingshot: former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson joining his pro-bono legal team. Read more at

Top Austin Attorneys in 2019

Research, a software and research company specializing in data collection and verification that conducts various nominations across the United States on behalf of publishers has identified the top Austin attorneys in 2019. Read more at

After Electoral Rout, Ex-Judges In Texas Land New Work

More than 20 of Texas’ intermediate appellate justices lost their seats in November’s election, which saw historic numbers of Democrats elected, draining the bench of decades of experience and setting off a flurry of hiring activity as law firms clamored to add the ousted judges to their ranks. Read more at