Alexander Dubose & Jefferson is widely acknowledged as one of the best appellate law firms in Texas. We are driven by a deep understanding of judicial systems, commitment to ethical obligations, a passion for creativity and novel strategies to meet our clients’ legal challenges. There is a spirit of collaboration with our clients and co-counsel to achieve desired results.

The advocacy skills of our lawyers have merited individual recognition. However, the real value we bring comes from the sum of our parts. The work of even the most outstanding lawyer is enhanced immeasurably through collaboration with other skilled lawyers. 


Meticulous Preparation:
The Alexander Dubose & Jefferson Difference

We specifically choose a team from our top-notch appellate lawyers, tailored to each case. Each brief is thoroughly researched, carefully crafted, scrutinized and revised with substantial collaborative input until the final, filed product is as good as it can possibly be.

We prepare for every oral argument with methodical precision. We routinely conduct rigorous moot courts involving team members, clients, and co-counsel. A firm attorney with no prior knowledge of the case objectively assesses the persuasiveness of considered themes and arguments and identifies – from an outsider’s perspective – the kinds of questions and issues that may arise.

This meticulous preparation and execution consistently delivers work of outstanding quality that has earned the respect of co-counsel, judges, and even opposing counsel.

Clients have come to know us as the go-to firm when the stakes are highest. A win for you is a win for us. We love our work and ask you to let us show how that work can help you.

Commitment to Larger Causes

It is a privilege to practice law. That privilege is enhanced when you have an opportunity to practice law at the highest level, on behalf of the highest quality clients and before some of the finest jurists in the nation. 

Our attorneys devote numerous hours each year to pro bono work: representation undertaken at no charge.  Our pro bono commitment has included enhancing access to justice for those who might otherwise be denied, ensuring that constitutional protections are provided to criminal defendants where otherwise their voices might be stifled and advocating for those whose right to freedom of speech or religion is threatened.  Our pro bono work has been recognized by the State Bar of Texas and local bar and public interest organizations.  However, awards don’t motivate us.  Instead, we believe that with such privilege comes responsibility and an obligation to make things better where and when we can.